Topological Design / Graphical Editors

The Topological Design Editor is used to capture the physical design of a system, its notation is based on the SysML block-diagram notation. Like all other graphical editors, it provides powerful functions such as name completion, auto-drawing, SVG export, navigation to other model parts, etc.

The SysML like notation is extended by “Domain Specific Icons” and status flags on locking, deletion and annotation status.

Other graphical Diagram Editors are provided for

Operational Modes and Activities

The operational design editor is used to identify and specify the operational modes and transitions of a system, their parameters and traces to enabled and disabled functions as well as to their requirements.

The operational activity editor uses a similar notation, it is used to define a set of sequences of different activities which  the  system  has  to  perform.

Functional Design

The main purpose of this editor is to identify and design the systems functions and their interfaces. Functions are then traced to requirements and operational modes accordingly.



AIT Design

Last but not least, the AIT editor is used to define the assembly, integration and test activities and procedures.

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