The Space System Reference Database

The Space System Reference Database (SSRDB) is one of the building blocks identified for prototyping in VSD Phase 2.

SSRDB is a central part of the VSEE prototype and provides services to all the other VSEE elements.
The objective of the SSRDB component in the VSEE architecture is to serve as data hub for model management and information sharing. This is achieved by means of configuration management rules and persistence services. Data can be exchanged between the VSEE components, namely Engineering Data (Data Sets), annotations, SVG diagrams, CATIA model files, VRML files.

Also SSRDB is in charge of integrating different sources and consumers of data by means of adapters and import/export functions. In particular, it supports scenarios such as prime/supplier, where data from suppliers can be integrated into a prime SSRDB allowing review cycles and parallel evolution.

SSRDB data is readily accessible to the clients, either by directly downloading Data Sets or by means of reports and data queries.

The key services SSRDB provides can be summarized as follows:

  • Data Persistence in a repository
  • Data Set formats transformation (XMI, EMF Binary, QDBMS/EStore)
  • Configuration Management (versioning and branching of Data Sets)
  • Support to Concurrent Engineering (edition sessions and ownership tracking)
  • History calculation (changes in selected data along the time)
  • File management (files referred by Data Sets such as CATIA models)
  • Consistency Checks
  • Import/Export
  • Reports (such as VCD, Mass or Power budget)
  • Data Query (using a query language)
  • Patch (modification of a Data Set using a set of differences)
  • Tool Integration (with other VSD components and also external tools such as CATIA)

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