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    Paolo Muraro


    I am currently installing VSEE, but I cannot grasp what to do when I have to specify the Database Directory. Whatever I try to do (like tryingh H2 folders or paths), it keeps telling me the directory is not valid.
    Also, according to the SSRDB Manual there should be a dedicated installer for SSRDB, but in the Downloads page there are only installers for VSEE and SSDE.

    Thanks for any help,




    Hi, unless you really need a client/server installation (which is indeed a bit more complex to set up) I suggest you start with SSDE and SSVT (i.e. simply don’t install SSRDB from the VSEE common installer). SSRDB is mostly required if you intend to share models with other users.


    Paolo Muraro

    Thanks for the info, I will try SSDE and SSVT first.


    Dear Paolo,

    If you want to install SSRDB you have to specify the “Database” directory at the root of the primary hard disk such as C:\Database.
    I will raise a ticket regarding the SSRDB installation. Note: similarly if you want to install JSPWiki, the “vesswiki” directory has to be specified at the root of the primary hard disk.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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