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    Paolo Muraro


    I have a few doubts about occurrences management.

    At page 117 of the document SSDE_User_Documentation_V2-2 it is indicated a diagram that shows how occurrences are not modeled but generated by the tool. I am not sure, however, if this is supposed to be an automated generation or not. For example: in the StarTracker model I want to create a fourth ElementUsage StarTracker, and consequently I should have a fourth ElementOccurrence StarTracker with its Electronics and Head EO. However, I still have to create manually these occurrences. Is it correct or am I doing something wrong?

    The second doubt is related to property values propagation. It works fine from Definition to Usage levels, but I don’t understand how it works from Definition level to Occurrence level.
    I will make an example to clarify. I define for the ElementDefinition StarTracker a mass property, which is correctly propagated and indicated in the ElementUsage Star Tracker. When I select an ElementOccurrence StarTracker, this property is not indicated in the QUDV values tab, but if I try to choose the Category Mass it tells me “the ValueProperty is already defined in ElementDefinition”. Why can’t I see it then in the values of the Occurrence?

    Thanks for any help,



    Hi Paolo,

    concerning the first question: Occurrences are not generated automatically, you need to trigger the generation by running the respective command where you can either create a new occurrence tree or re-generate into an existing occurrence tree. This regenerate is basically a merge, i.e. modifications you had made on the existing tree (like adding a new property you only have/need on the occurrence level) will be preserved.

    concerning the second question: re-generating the occurrence tree after you had added a property on ElementDefinition Startracker will put that property (and value) into all occurrences of StarTracker, provided you activated “Propagate Value Propeerties…” in the occurrence generation dialog.


    Paolo Muraro

    Managed to get it, thanks for the answer!

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