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    As a non-Java developer I cannot see how to install VSEE. The user documentaiton for the tools assumes it is already installed and there is nothing obvious like install.bat or even a readme.txt.

    I have installed the latest Java JRE and the JDK. The installer seems to be based on izpack which comes from Maven. I have installed Maven too for good measure. As far as I can make out there should be an installer.jar file generated by izpack which I should be able to run.

    Please could you give me some guidance (and a simple readme file in the distrubtions) would help. This is for a Windows 7 machine.

    Many Thanks




    As it turned out, the reason was that apparently InternetExplorer unpacked the installer JAR files after the download. If that is the case, a right click save as on the download link should avoid that.

    -> The download should end up as a single JAR file on the local machine from where it can be started to open up the installer (provided a valid JRE is installed).


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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